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Aglaonema Plant. Lay the pot carefully on its side. The aglaonema rotundum aceh is a striking plant that easily stands out from others within the species.

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Corn is divided into two types: Aglaonema is not a cold tolerant house plant. Soft, neutral pink with slanted design to highlight plant display exclusive sandstone™

The Plant Is Native To Tropical And Subtropical Regions Of Asia And New Guinea.

Temperatures should remain above 60℉ to avoid possible damage to the foliage of your aglaonema house plant. Aglaonema offers an eclectic mix of psychological and physiological benefits with an exquisite glance. Since aglaonema is prone to root rot and fungal problems, you should not overwater it.

Lay The Pot Carefully On Its Side.

Leave the plant there for around 45 minutes. The name comes from greek aglos (splendid) and nema (stamen). As part of the arum family, these tropical plants are closely related to many others.

If You Have Your Plant Under Artificial Lighting Or In A Low Light Situation, Let The Top Two Inches Of Soil Dry Out Before Watering.

Corn is divided into two types: This houseplant symbolizes good luck and fortune in asian culture. Soft, neutral pink with slanted design to highlight plant display exclusive sandstone™

Let The Water From The Basin Or Sink Wet The Plant From The Drainage Hole.

It belongs to the family called araceae. When you test the soil with your finger or a moisture meter, you want to go halfway down the soil to check for moisture. It forms quite large leaves about.

Feed The Plant Fortnightly During Spring And Summer With Yates Thrive Indoor Plants & Ferns Liquid Plant Food.

Full sun, especially through glass, can scorch the exposed leaves. In this variety, the stalk and stem of the plant are coloured white. This is another popular silver cultivar that has beautiful, dark green leaves with a silver sheen.

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