Aglaonema. Gently take the plant and soil out of the pot. Commonly known as chinese evergreen, aglaonema is a genus of plants in the arum family, araceae.there are many species and cultivars within this widespread genus in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, all featuring the large and glossy leaves these plants are famous for.

Aglaonema Harlequin, Si Cantik Yang Harganya Bisa Sama Dengan 3 Mobil - Mobile
Aglaonema Harlequin, Si Cantik Yang Harganya Bisa Sama Dengan 3 Mobil – Mobile from

This one is a popular choice for shaded planters. Dilansir pada laman badan penelitian dan pengembangan pertanian, jenis tanaman hias yang satu ini tidak hanya diminati oleh orang asia saja, tapi juga di eropa bahkan. This house plant stunner grows well as both indoor plants or outdoors.

Aglaonema Is Susceptible To Anthracnose And Myrothecium Leaf Spots, Which Are Both Fungal.

It goes without saying that nighttime and winter temperatures should be lower. The leaves are about 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. Gently take the plant and soil out of the pot.

Gemburkan Media Tumbuh Setiap 2 Sampai 4 Minggu Sekali.

The leaves are also long and slender, making it a great option for adding height to your display. As part of the arum family, these tropical plants are closely related to many others. Tanaman hias jenis aglaonema kini sudah tidak asing lagi didengar.

This One Is A Popular Choice For Shaded Planters.

Aglaonema emerald beauty is good for low light. Tropical forests of southwest malaysia are home to this species’ ancestors. The chinese evergreen lady prefers dim sunlight and can survive under minimal care.

Ragam Spesies Dengan Keindahan Yang Bernilai Tinggi, Dapat Membuat Hunian Milikmu Menarik.

Nevertheless, the temperature should always be kept above 16 degrees. Aglaonema is a genus of flowering plants in the arum family, araceae. Aglaonema di indonesia disebut `sri rezeki`, namun tanaman hias ini juga disebut chinnese evergreen sebagai simbol bahwa aglaonema pertama kali dibudidayakan oleh orang cina.

It Looks Attractive With Spots Of Light Green And White On The Foliage.

Penggemburan tanah ini harus rutin grameds rutin lakukan agar tidak merusak akar tanaman atau tunas aglaonema yang akan muncul. Aglaonema “siam aurora red” — this aglaonema is a standout because in addition to having red stems and midribs, its leaves are framed in red. Aglaonema costatum is the smallest of the species.

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